Foxglove Clay Wall Tile Sculpture


As a set or alone as a statement piece, the Foxglove is an intriquitley detailed and voluminous art tile. Each cup is hand rolled and torn, then attached to a flat base. The base for this styled tile is square, not round. The petals overlap the edges so the base is not visible when hung. Each tile has two angled holes in the back for hanging flat against a wall, and I have signed the back as well.

Size: 7.5” x 3" deep
Color: White

Recommended Finish: Matte (very slight sheen, captures clay textures the best).

Other finishes include satin and gloss. Satin has a sheen slightly more reflective than matte. Gloss is shiny.

* With many of the square tile species, color or shine may dull the details that polymer is renown for capturing. Veins and imprints on the individual pieces are what keep these sculptures looking their most lifelike and unique.


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